Concept Art & Visualisation

Our event concept consultants are skilled artists with exceptional pedigrees and are available to draw and paint key elements and over views to help you and your client to envision how their event will look and feel. Drawings and sketches add life to the planning process right at the very beginning.

They can help you to ensure that your client takes full ownership of the creative ideas and brief.
In our experience most end clients prefer the intimacy of this creative process and love seeing ideas become real through art rather than computer generated graphics.

The concept drawings are then used throughout the event planning and production process and will still be referred back to on installation to ensure that everything remains true to the original concept.

“Megan’s detail for design and her drawing skills are phenomenal we used her to draw up the inspiration for a fashion show inspired edgy party and her drawings and the eventual crystal and white wonderland matched perfectly. The drawings gave reassurance to the end client who loved the whole art element and by using them throughout the installation we were able to achieve a perfect result!”

James Roe, MD and founder – Haus of Roeni