Event Production Management

Managing the installation is an area that requires , focus, flexibility and timing, ensuring that all the components of your event fit in seamlessly on the build.

Because our event production managers come from a production background we know how things are meant to fit together, we know when something isn’t right and we can deal with those little production hiccups that can become production nightmares.

We are able to find different and cost effective solutions to design challenges (there is always more than one way to skin the event production cat.

We understand the way in production supplier’s work and what they need to be able to produce their finest work.

We can manage on site production suppliers so that you can focus exclusively on the preparation for managing your actual event without distraction.

And we will ensure that the way the event was envisioned is what turns up on the day, not a rough approximation!

“I have worked with Clive for nearly 14 years, including the last 5 years working on complex projects for the new Battersea Power Station Development. His creative flair, production knowledge, design skills and his ability to turn ideas into reality, sets him apart from his peers. He is a hands on production manager who can find a solution to almost any problem you throw at him. Above all, he is trustworthy and diligent with a great eye for detail. ”

Simon Woodward, MD – Polar Bear Live Ltd